Text Box: Department Information

How to Contact Us:




(732) 892-0632—Local number, for information, non-emergency requests for service, and general department business, answered by Ocean County Sheriff’s Dept. Dispatch Center during non-business hours.


Voice Mail:

Chief Hoffman—Ext. 213

Lt Hoffman—Ext 216

SFC. LaRue—Ext. 217

Sgt. LaSpina—Ext 218

Ptl. Keller—Ext. 219

Ptl. Stockhoff—Ext. 220

Ptl. Sherman—Ext. 221

Disp. Mickle—Ext. 260


(732) 892-0872— Fax number.


Our Temporary Headquarters is located at

704 Howe Street, 1st Floor, Point Pleasant

(southwest corner of Howe Street & Bay Avenue.)


Ptl. Robert K. Sherman

S/O II Jeffrey L. Wells

S/O II Christopher Raimann

S/O II Larry A. Lundy

S/O II Justin R. Poblete

Ptl. Sean W. Vaughn