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Police Reports


Copies of police reports can be obtained in the following manner:


In Person:

The Records Secretary is available from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays).




By Mail:

Send a written request, or use the downloadable form below, including the date of the incident, type of report (i.e. Incident, Arrest or MV Accident), and the name(s) of the persons involved to:


Bay Head Police Department


P.O. Box 248

Bay Head, NJ 08742


Records Request Form (.pdf format)


Crash Reports Online:


Crash reports are available online by going to www.policereports.us and following the links. Crash reports obtained by this method are subject to an administrative fee of $7.00 per report. THIS IS ONLY AN OPTION and  crash reports may still be obtained in person, by mail, or by fax.


The fees for copies of records (other than court discovery) are $.05 per page for letter-size pages, $.07 per page for legal-size pages. Actual costs of reproduction will be charged for audio or video tapes, CD or DVD. Add actual postage for any report mailed. An additional service fee may be charged is the records cannot be reproduced on ordinary copying equipment.  All photographs will be photocopied. Actual photo reproductions will be prepared only upon separate request and payment for the actual costs is made in advance. Be sure to include a check made payable to “Bay Head Police Department” and a self addressed, stamped envelope.


For further information, call Kelley at (732) 892-0632 ext. 260.




As of January 1, 2011 the New Jersey State Police will no longer accept the conventional “ink and roll” fingerprint cards. The BHPD will no longer perform this service as of December 15, 2010. All fingerprinting for firearms applications, real estate licenses, and other non-criminal matters will be done digitally by Sagem-Morpho. Persons who need to be fingerprinted for these reasons must obtain a form from police headquarters and make an appointment with Sagem-Morpho. There will be a nominal fee for this service, which is payable at the time the impressions are taken.




Applications for firearms permits are available during the records secretary’s hours, in person only, at police headquarters. Applicants must first obtain a fingerprinting form from police headquarters and make an appointment with Sagem-Morpho. For further information regarding firearms applications and associated fees, contact SFC William Hoffman at (732) 892-0632.